A young woman lives in Syria, and she has to bury her mother. We watch her being disrupted between utopic dreams of her mother and reality of civil war. She meets people that are leftover by war and remembering her own sheltered childhood and the idealism she was raised with, the question of perspective after war in Syria becomes pressing.

Wirad Kaddo is a director and author from Syria. After
now there this is her second work in Berlin. Reham Alkassar is a actress working who studied dramatics… The international Collective Sodom focuses on the intercultural exchange about pressing social and political topics.

In Arabic with English surtitle
After the performance there will be discussions with the audience.

Acting : Reham Alkassar
Author/Director: Wirad Kaddo
Poems: Ghania Abboud
Cinematic Scenes from the movie (le periple) directed by Maher Kaddo -1993-syria
Video/Technik: Felix Ansmann
Cenerghphe: Nina Alexandrova
Poster Designer : Rayah AL Shehabi




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