After forming in 2011, the duo of Kenneth Pattengale and Joey Ryan quickly built a devoted following with the simple purity of their music, touring with a host of established acts including The Lumineers, Old Crow Medicine Show, Punch Brothers and KD Lang,  appearing on NPR’s Tiny Desk concert series and charming audiences with their deadpan on-stage humor. While their most obvious musical reference is the classic folk revival sound of twin acoustic guitars and matching harmonies, the band both expands and contradicts that rich legacy with highly inventive guitar lines and their intricately interwoven vocals.  While The Milk Carton Kids most obvious frame of musical reference is the classic folk revival sound of twin acoustic guitars and close harmonies, the band both expand and contradict that rich legacy.  The music strikes listeners immediately with its sweet, bluegrass-inflected simplicity, but underneath snakes Pattengales’ sinuous modal guitar lines, sounding for all the world like a jazzified Bert Jansch dropped in to jam with the Everly Brothers.  Their harmonies, too, while recalling classic brother duos from the Louvins to the Everlys, achieve a richness that blends into a vivid singularity

As Grammy winning producer and musician Joe Henry explains: “Upon first listen I became so seduced by the singular character that emerged from the songs, that I failed to register that there were actually two very different singers giving rise to him.”

The Milk Carton Kids will have three of their songs featured prominently in the new Gus Van Sant-directed film Promised Land. The film features the duo’s songs “The Ash & Clay” and “Jewel of June” as well as their ballad “Snake Eyes,” which plays during a key montage sequence. Van Sant first heard the duo when they performed in his hometown of Portland, Oregon.  


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