SYRIAN VISIONS - Insights Into A Forgotten Revolution

Open Gates - Syrian short films
Concert Ayham Ahmad - The Pianist of Yarmouk
Panel discussion with Mazen Darwish and Nicolas Hénin

Five years ago, in the early spring of 2011, a group of children painted anti-government graffitis onto the walls of a school in the city of Dar'aa. Their immediate arrestment and torture were the spark that lit the flame for the Syrian Uprising. Following the movement of the Arab Spring in the neighbouring countries, protests started to spread across the country with people calling for dignity, democracy, human rights and for the fall of the regime - soon to be faced with President Bashar Al-Assad's brutal military reactions.

Today, half of the Syrian people are refugees either in- or outside their country. Remaining civilians are trapped between the barrel bombs of the regime, Dschihadist's terror and the self-interests of the participating nations of the conflict. Still, movements of a strong civil society are visible in various places, working on self-contained projects, resisting armed forces and still believing in the ideas of the first days of the revolution. From this perspective, the event brings artistic and political insights into the conflict, presenting cultural highlights and a high-level discussion:

A range of short films from the Open Gates-program, all produced after the beginning of the Arab Spring, bring deep insights into the living environments of the young Syrian filmmakers. Geographically, the films lead from wide landscapes of Amuda in the northern kurdish areas on to the world-heritage of old Aleppo to Yarmouk, a vibrant palestinian quarter of Damascus. From Yarmouk is also Pianist Aeham Ahmad, protagonist of one of the short films and known for playing in the streets of his besieged home town, bringing the spirit of his music live on stage in an exclusive concert.

In a panel discussion, journalists Mazen Darwish from Syria and Nicholas Hénin, former hostage of the 'Islamic State', are talking about the importance of freedom of press and opinion, about the current situation in Syria and perspectives for and from civil society regarding the highly difficult situation in this country.

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