… an unforgettable night in the Roaring Twenties

My name is Jay Gatsby. People know my name without knowing who I am. In March I will be in Berlin for a while and I want to arrange a little party in my new residence. The pleasure would be entirely mine to welcome you as a guest.

I have put together an exciting show, starting at 9pm. Make sure you join my little party early enough. I am looking forward forward to an unforgettable night in the Roaring Twenties with you.

The demand for my little party is huge. Please secure your invitation here:

More information can be found here:

Know No Bounds LIVE
Louie Prima
Justin Fidèle
The Carlson Two
Anja Becker / Venus Brass LIVE
Abel Navarro / Tango Aerial Show (Buenos Aires)
Vintage Photo Corner
& Surprises…


Vorverkauf: 10 €
Abendkasse: 15 €


Kein VVK im Heimathafen-Büro


Freitag, 13.03.2015, 21:00 Uhr   

Ein Dankeschön

Ein Dankeschön