The Unrecorded Record

Dear fans, after 7 years we are finally in the process of making a new album. The raw material is ready, but in order to fully understand the potential of each song, an audience is needed. The Unrecorded Record is a rare chance to participate in our creative process. The setlist of this tour will consist of ONLY NEW SONGS. There might be mistakes, there might be false starts. That is why we invite only those of you with open ears and open mind to purchase tickets to these shows. No recordings allowed, don’t spoil the surprise! The venues are all on the smaller side, to guarantee the necessary intimacy. In the city at the end of each tour, we will enter a studio, hoping to capture what has hopefully crystallised during the shows. 


Vorverkauf: 30 € zzgl. VVK-Gebühr




Samstag, 24.09.2016, 21:00 Uhr    Ausverkauft

Ein Dankeschön

Ein Dankeschön