Undivided Heart & Soul

McPherson ist einer der besten Re-Interpreten unserer Zeit und nutzt Vintage-Rhythmen und Blues sowie frühen Rock'n'Roll-Sound in einem schlanken, sofort erkennbaren Sound. Auf einigen Tracks fühlen sich die „Fuzz-Bomb-Gitarren“ und frenetischen Rhythmen so an, als würden sie einfach aus den Fugen geraten. 

“I was having nightmares every night, thinking, ‘Wow, they’re going to hate this,” says JD McPherson.

When he talks about his new album, Undivided Heart & Soul , there’s no glimmer of self-adulation, or even the confidence one might expect of a veteran artist. Instead, there’s a snapshot of McPherson’s creative process bringing the record to life, a journey filled with fear and change, then boldness, and, eventually, catharsis.

The best rock music has a story to tell. This record chronicles a series of upheavals, frustrations, roadblocks, and kismet—a cross-country move, failed creative relationships, a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity, and learning to love making music again by letting go.
“This record was difficult for me to make, difficult to write, difficult to record. It took a lot for me to say that I can’t force these songs to be the way people are expecting,” McPherson says.
Undivided Heart & Soul is a statement record, one that asserts McPherson as he is now, battle-weary but stronger than ever.


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