Billy Bragg announces new UK dates in a busy year which has already seen him appear in a play, face down fascists on the streets of his hometown and get up on a soapbox to call on the UK government to withhold bankers’ bonuses.

Billy began the year by refusing to pay his taxes to a government who, having bailed out two of the biggest UK banks, was now allowing them to pay massive bonuses from taxpayers money. Arguing that the bankers should be held accountable for their mistakes, he was fined by the Revenue for late payment of tax.

In February, he was out on the road in the UK, performing with graduates from his Jail Guitar Doors initiative, a non-profit organisation that provides guitars and other instruments to people doing rehabilitation work with the inmates of British prisons. Jail Guitar Doors has supplied guitars to over 30 prisons since its inception in 2007.

March saw him travel to SXSW for the formal launch of Jail Guitar Doors USA, in partnership with ex-MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer. Together with Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine they performed in the Travis County Jail in Austin Texas, before formally launching the initiative with a show at the Ghost Room.

During April, Billy was performing six specially written songs in a play at the Wellcome Gallery in London. ‘Pressure Drop’ told the story of a working class family torn apart by one member’s decision to stand as a local councillor for a racist political party. The play ran for four weeks against the backdrop of the UK general election, as a real life battle against the forces of division was played out in Billy’s home town.

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